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Consume lots of water when cycling
16.12.2013 03:34

Cycling is an activity that consumes most of the water in your body, and is worse if it is a sunny day. You might have come across a few organizations providing cycling bags for free of cost as a part of charity all the cyclists in few cities.  This bag specializes in having an extra pouch or a compartment to fill with water, and a straw comes out of the bag which can be used to drink water while cycling without stopping.


Never compromise on water


Water plays a important role during cycling as we tend to dehydrate sooner than normal. Experts say that drinking water periodically helps boost your confidence both physically and mentally. While cycling, it can be felt that water starts tasting better because of our bodies being dehydrated. Calculating the level of dehydration, we can conclude that we cannot compromise on water even if we have to compromise on other types of food.


If we go through any expert cyclist’s bicycle riding tips, it clearly states that water could be taken as a primary necessity for any cyclist during cycling.


Mixing Glucose to water


Mixing glucose to water is always a better idea as glucose does not allow your body to dehydrate easily. However, the availability of glucose is not always high everywhere you go.  It is a good idea to have some with you to have with your water while cycling.


Add glucose in the right quantity, as having too much of glucose in your system is not the best thing when cycling.


Bicycle safety organizations provide glucose in certain locations specially for cyclists who pass by on their bicycles. Water with different kinds of glucose and nutrients would be provided to promote cycling and encourage riders on their tough journey.


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